ONE million men marched on Washington D.C, but
TWO million men stayed home and watched from T.V
THREE-dom from corporate America was the goal
FOUR it seems the same story is being told; almost
FIVE hundred years plus of oppression, surely not
SIX hundred more before we learn the lesson
SEVEN day Adventists, Muslim, Rasta
EIGHT from one table, now split by divide & conquer
NINE ether the bond that bines us together
TENacious our plan if we are clever

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Erase the script and start again…

ONE mans plan can change the world; but
TWO make it happen together boy & girl
THREE is the power of the Trinity, his Almighty’s love, you & me
FOUR his power is unerring & constant & keeps me alive
And I give thanks as I slip to FIVE
SIX million ways to live, choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
SEVEN, seventh heaven, and it’s that where I’m at when I tell ‘em
As I remember passing through his gate; as I
EIGHT at his table with
NINE prophets, nine kings, nine queens
All pregnated and had nine months to conceive
None were wearing weave,
All were displaying natural, natty, nine ether hair
So there…There was my top

But listen closely as I descend, for they have us packed in

TENement yards, flats & blocks using
NINE millimetres gats and glocks. Yes many
ATONE for the sins committed in the day
But still find it hard to find another way
So they; ride in packs like the magnificent
SEVEN, and try and find alternative ways to sneak into heaven but only find…
SIX million ways to die and
FIVE million ways to get high
THREE-dom is a state of mind and
TWO many waste their time searching for
Imperial, serial material wealth…
Seek your own freedom; and in return you would have freed’em
And remember revolution begins with

duane28120 902 ©

I want the fast cars
With the fast food
Attract the fast ladies
And be that rude...
Cause he who walks tall
Rules them all
My ego is the size of my Dick
And just give me the light like Sean Paul
Cause if you don't floss
Yo! Black you lost
Cause the cost of Moschino
Is worth the dough
If creditability flows over my bro's
I'm not in the game
I play the game
Vain is my middle name
Cause pain is my shame
Can't show none
Carry my gun cause I need to protect what is mine
My Rolex tells me the wrong time
Cause I'm dyin'
But it tells me I'm flyin'
No denying I'm profiling whilst styling'
See cause Image is everything
You can get whatever you want if you bling
The girls like the cars
And the bro's like the bra's
When they unstrap
Don't wear no jimmy hat
And have no tact when she catches the clap
Don't you dear run up on me with dat
Mind you don't get slap
See I don't really want none of dat
But don't disrespect my rep sket
Dept after dept I let threat my rep
Cause dat Audi TT ain't paid for yet
I bling so you can see me
Cause I ain't represented anywhere of significance
Especially not on T.V
Don't know 'bout my history
Cause I'm too caught up just being me
It's all about the money right now blood
And there's more and more killers on my block
It's like it's gonna over flood
So I stay strapped and high on this drug
Taking each day as it comes
Mums don't know what we go through on the streets
And I do feel her pain when she breaks down and weeps
Whether in the station or out on the streets
All she's worried about is what the neighbours will think
I ain't trying to assimilate to this system for the next 40-50 years
And shed tears on coulda', shoulda'. woulda'
See I'm clued up to what's goin on
And dat mansion in the Bahamas is what I'm on
Just get away from all this madness and stress
And the problems will be less
So brothaman
I hear your plan bout' revolution
But I'm seein' far too much pollution
And no real trust in your solution
How you mean'Uni.
Tuition fees would mean no Nike 120's
Bare Primark no Versace's please!
These be the stories of all my homiez
Who live in these multi stories
Lifts drenched in urine
Whilst crackhead Ted is lurking in dark lifeless shadows
Keeping on your toes is just how it goes round my way son
Live by the gun is how they won
I guess I'm just getting me some
So you feel you know me homie
Well live my life for a year
And see what I see
Then tell me whether you would rather be the victim or the bully
Tell me whether self-satisfaction is what keeps you sain
And whether salvation looks like fame
Money, riches and bitches
Cause from where I sit
The rich get richer
And the poor are fodder
Food for the rich to eat and spit out
So I'm a eat til I'm full and maintain what I have
Drink and smoke my sensie
And when you approach me
Yo! Homie
Remember you don't know me!

duane30110 204 (c)



I shared my sleep with escapism last night as I ventured the earth as a free-man
I woke and shared my breakfast across the table with thanks as
Appreciation pulled up a seat and poured some freshly squeezed juice
Remembrance set the bath for me as I reflected on days as I laze easy in the tub
Hope and willingness dried my greaseless body as I prey for good tidings for the family
Dependency made me hurry my steps in the assemblement for work
As reluctancy reminded me of escapism experienced the night before
Forgiveness traveled with me as I made my way through the aggressive tension tempered traffic
Acceptance was ready and waiting for me as I arrived at the entrance
Acceptance of restriction for the next 7-8 hours
Pretence ran up and said goodmornin! As my identity said bye. bye, bye, bye
Frustration phoned in and said it was going to be late but it would be in
Isolation was in the building but I just couldn't find her
Relaxation had left a message on the machine...Sayin see you at 6, 7 or 8
Escapism returned and moved through the atmosphere via digital connection
A line to the outside world was made with no detection a text message was received and replied
I'm cool, at work, call you later
Happiness blew through the office like the air conditioning In-sight of the picture on the wall of my loved ones
Reality was sitting in the 'in' tray on my desk with a cynical smile
During the next 7-8 hours I had received several phone calls from Mr. Disrespect, 4 faxes from Ms Impatient, and frustration had arrived and decided to spend the whole afternoon with me
As I finished my day the taste of relief was mouthwatering
As I made my way back through the tension-tempered traffic
Normality hugged me as I arrived at my door and relaxation had already warmed the house
Love made her way over and settled me as appreciation and thanks was busy in the
kitchen preparing some food
I had returned to the womb and began writing this piece
And entitled it....
"I shared my day with"

duane 28100 702 (c)

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