Spoken Word / Performance Poetry

AmeN NoiR has emerged as a leading exponent of lyrical wizardry since 2000 on the performance scene. He is a Nationally & Internationally recognised artist, bringing a new dimension to Poetry, and a freshness to the 'WORD' arena. This Afrikan warrior of words has been making major ripples during his lyrical journey. Evoking emotion, contemplation, realisation and hopefully encouraging action. Hailing from S.London, via Guyana & ultimately Africa, this Performance Poet brings the Afrikan experience from his window frame. In Oct '03 AmeN NoiR [as part of *B.K.S] presented & hosted the legendary David Nelson of the Last Poets, with support from the 'First Poets'. B.K.S performed an hour plus set to introduce the legends and set theplatform alight for these pioneers.

2005 saw appraerences from AmeN [as part of BKS] alongside the legendary musical activists, and revolutionary duo of Dead Prez, at the historical first ever Black History Week in Norway. Organised by A.Y.I.N
*B.K.S (Best Kept Secret)
Consists of AmeN NoiR, OneNess, Tuggs.t.a.r & ShakaRa.

In 2005 AmeN, alongside BKS self directed, wrote & produced a short play entitled 'Tuggs.t.a.r for President' and 'The League of Extraordinary Wordsmiths'. The event was eventually recorded and produced on DVD as (1) of many BKS products. This show has since been toured, and continues to be requested by Theatre production
companies including, The Drum, Nottingham Playhouse, Oval Theatre and many more.

AmeN has been performing for approx 21 years, in which time has established himself as a facilitator at a Performing arts school. He has also created his own Dance & movement company that facilitate in schools and colleges within the London region.

With extensive experience of working with young people facilitating mentoring, creative writing workshops and cheorography, AmeN tries to write in ways that young people can follow clearly and feel part of the moment.
By using cleaver catchy concepts, such as Amen's renowned A-Z pieces, AmeN attempts to cover some of the injustices of the world in his performance and delivery, always putting the struggle and achievements of Afrikans forefront, and raising awareness where he can.

AmeN writes on his experiences, viewpoints, aspirations, the present, the past, and the future. Always the artist that 'goes there', he delivers with intensity and passion, hoping to involve those that may be experiencing Spoken Word for the first time. His all-action, all-powerful style is what brings AmeN's words alive in his stage performances.

AmeN NoiR was one of the four artist team to represent the Afrikans in the U.K vs. the Afrikans in the U.S, Poetry Slam in 2003. The Afrikans in the U.K managed a win and went on to take the show on the road, touring Birmingham.

AmeN has performed in Oslo, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Derby, Reading & Nottingham, and will soon include a move to the U.S . Amen has also appeared on numerous terrestrial and cable channels and has given interviews on BBC radio, Choice Fm, Powerjam, Genesis, as well as receiving reviews by Nex Generartion Magazine & The New Nation Newspaper amoungst others.

AmeN is also an accomplished host for events, and continues to present the highly acclaimed annual 'Spoken Word @ Kwanzaa' showcase with co-host OneNess.

Music production is another string in AmeN's bow and he has produced for other artists on the Spoken Word scene, as well as been responsible for artistic presentation of c.d covers and artwork layouts. AmeN has also produced 90% of the music on his c.d presentations to date and continues to utilise his god given talents .

To date AmeN has written and produced 6 albums, 'Emotions of the Soul', 'Rhythmical Reason', 'Still...', 'Snapshots of Science', 'Snapshots of Science Pt II' & 'ICU', which is his current set. These 13-track c.d sets have all been self produced, packaged and promoted to formulate the principles of owning, defining & creating for self. He is currently working on his (7th) album, due for release late 2013.

This multi-faceted star is about to shine brighter and brighter over the next few years. A must to see live...
"Welcome to new WORD order", and make way for the Wizard of Wordz 'the amazing, articulate, artistic...
AmeN NoiR. (G4)