'4 Mumma' feat Nyarai

[AmeN NoiR]  '4 Mumma' featuring AmeN NoiR & Nyarai. This marks AmeN NoiR's debut video and '4 Mumma' the 1st single relaesed from his BRAND NEW project featuring some of London's Finest Spoken WORD and lyrical artists. Further video's from the project to come.

For more info : About AmeN NoiR      TWITTER: AmeN NoiR

A Colon & a Bracket

[OneNess Sankara] A Colon & a Bracket - That Facebook Song! Featuring Best Kept Secret's 1st Lady. An exposure of social networking and the addictive nature that consumes some people.

More Info: www.onenesssankara.co.uk/

Love Poem Preview

[A-Writer Named La'Donnz] 'Love Poem Preview' written by A-Writer Named LaDonnz. 
Check her out: TWITTER: @LDPoetess. FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ldpoetry

Uniq The Poet