AmeN NoiR has had in excess of 24 years experience of working with so called, ‘hard to reach’ or ‘disaffected’ youth. His experience was primarily gained throughout working within London’s youth service, including Wandsworth, Lambeth, Camden, Merton and many more.

AmeN has worked with well over 2000 young people ranging from the ages of 5 – 24+ and has had 1 ½ years experience of working with children from 18 months to 3 years. AmeN has trained as both a youth worker and as a tutor facilitating group dynamics and collective responsibilities. He is also a fully trained Mentor having studied at the Open University and is currently developing his skills in Counselling.

AmeN NoiR has put together hundreds of workshop packages during his span of facilitating, and has developed a unique blend of Social awareness exercises with practical life skill training projects. As the Lead Co-ordinator of the Educational arm of BKS [Best Kept Secret], he is also the driving force of developing creative writing and workshop leadership. The creative writing sessions have been a significant part of his work and has involved youth up & down the country.

AmeN is currently the Managing Director of Vybe Dance Company, a Dance & movement specialist, providing platforms for young people to achieve leadership status within the company, and therefore become a facilitator. The initial process is to engage the youth into the dance program which consists of team work, recognition of group dynamics, teaching/coaching skills and practical dance and movement development. Thereafter, each leader has charge of their own class and can earn up to as much as £63 p/h teaching/coaching, therefore; providing economic stability for young people once they have successfully completed the program.

With such a wide range of skills at his disposal, AmeN utilises many of those to work closely with external agencies and individuals. These strengthen the options available and provide alternative outlets for those wanting a specialist in 1 particular area, from Media Literacy to Education Advisors. *See links

AmeN has extensive experience providing cultural showcases for both youth and adults, and has also provided consultation to many groups that wish to plan such events. In many cases cultural artists are linked to these events via AmeN and have gone on to have a successful day/night of activities. 

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